Как откатить обновление beat saber

Как откатить обновление beat saber

This guide will help you downgrade Beat Saber to a previous version. This is useful for when a new version of Beat Saber comes out but you want to continue playing with mods before the mods themselves are updated. I am making this because it was a pain to do it myself, and I hope to spare some people some trouble. This guide assumes you know how to use ModAssistant (link to github page will be in guide) and that you have rudimentary knowledge of file explorer and the command terminal.

Unfortunately, I tried for around an hour to embed the images in the guide, to no avail. I decided to simply put the image links themselves, as I wanted to continue working on the guide itself and not some janky system. Sorry.

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Download and install both programs, and make the DepotDownloader folder easy to access for later use(e.g. extract it into a folder on you desktop).

I would assume you already have ModAssistant [github.com]
installed if you’re reading this, but here’s the github link if you need it.
(I won’t be showing how to setup/use ModAssistant in this guide, but it is pretty self explanatory)

This step is as easy as checking the Manifest ID List [steamdb.info] , and copying the Manifest ID(long number in the rightmost column).

You will most likely have to check what version the Manifest ID is, but thats as simple as googling » update beat saber», and going to the patchnotes that show up.

This is probably the part that’s easiest to mess up, but don’t worry as messing up doesn’t break anything.

First, go to the folder that you extracted DepotDownloader to. Your folder should look the exact same as mine, except you might not have the «depots» file, and that’s fine, we will get back to that later.

Then, type «cmd» or «cmd.exe» into the navigation bar, and hit enter

This should have opened up the terminal.

If you did it right, the terminal should read something along the lines of C:\Users\ \Desktop\depotdownloader>. It will look a bit different if you installed it onto a different drive, different location, etc. As long as you can access the folder, it doesn’t matter where you put it.

If you were to download version 1.16.1, you would type:
«dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 620980 -depot 620981 -manifest 9201874499606445062 -username -password

Do not worry about typing in your username and password, as you are typing it into your computer’s terminal, it’s no more dangerous than logging into steam normally.

If you are downloading anything besides 1.16.1, change the number after the «-manifest», in this example, the «9201874499606445062» to the Manifest ID corresponding to the version you wish to downgrade to.

*Make sure this is the username you log in to Steam with, not your profile name — there is a difference. (The login username is the one you gave your account at its creation, your profile name is what is displayed at the top of Steam)

If you have Steam 2FA enabled, you will be prompted to enter the verification code, it should have automatically been sent to whatever device you normally use 2FA with.

At this point, it should start downloading the depot.

Just let it do its thing. Should look like this when it’s done.

NOTE: If you were to read my terminal and your’s throughout the process, you would notice a few small differences, that is because I have already done this. As long as it successfully finishes downloading, you should be good,

Navigate to the place where Beat Saber is installed. For me, it is E:\Program Files (x86)\steamapps\common

If you want to make a backup of Beat Saber(which I heavily recommend) for if you want to play the current version, or in case you mess something up, make a file called «Beat Saver «. In reality, it doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as you know what it is and it’s different. Now make a new folder called «Beat Saber». This time, it does matter what you call it and it must be spelled exactly.

Your . \steamapps\common folder should look like this
(Unless you own Battlefield 4, you wouldn’t have that part. duh.)

Now copy everything from «Beat Saber» and paste it into «Beat Saber 1.16.3», or whatever you named the file.

Now go to Steam, and uninstall Beat Saber. Don’t worry, it won’t touch the backup as it doesn’t recognize what «Beat Saber 1.16.3» means and will just completely ignore it.

Now, simply reinstall Beat Saber.

Go back to the «Beat Saber» folder, and delete everything except «Beat Saber_Data».

Now go back to your DepotDownloader folder. It should have a file called «depots». Open that, open «620981», open «7028197»(I will be real, I don’t know if that number will change under any circumstances, but its the only option to open). It should look like this.

From here, copy everything except «.DepotDownloader», go back to «Beat Saber», and paste it into «Beat Saber».

Now run Beat Saber from Steam. Look at the feet on the floor(in vr). If you did it correctly, the sole of one of the feet should read «1.16.1», or whatever version you downgraded to. If not, reread the directions, if you made a mistake, don’t do it again, uninstall/reinstall Beat Saber again and retry. If that still doesn’t work, feel free to comment below, I will do my best to reply to anyone that needs help.

You should now be able to download mods normally.

When doing this myself, the Steam guide didn’t work, so I did some digging and found the YouTube video. I extrapolated the instructions from each and combined them to reach the end result.


Как откатить обновление beat saber

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Copy the downloaded files to your Beat Saber folder and replace all.
Go to your Steam game options and set automatic updates to «Only update this game when I launch it».

Type the following in the console every Steam restart to avoid an update, or don’t but then you’ll need to redo this guide ONLY when an update hits:

This is why we need Steam Manifest Fixer [github.com] , to re-enable this feature.

Just download and run it once, no Steam restart required.
(It’s opensource so you can check the code yourself to verify it is safe to use.)
Steam Manifest Fixer Download [github.com]

The download will take a minute or longer depending on your internet speed.
It will give you the download location in the console once its done.
If the console spits out that the manifest was not available, then be sure to check if you’re not on the Steam beta branch and rerun the Steam Manifest Fixer.
You can check by clicking on in the top left: Steam>Settings>Account>Beta participation

This works for other games too:

Simply open the download folder as shown in the console and move them to the Beat Saber folder which you can find in your game properties.
This will keep your custom songs and if you still have plugins installed, they will instantly work.

  • If any issue occurs, try deleting your mods/ plugins folder!

You’re set and able to launch the game but there is one catch!

You need to downgrade again when steam auto updates the game. This should only happen when a new Beat Saber update releases.

You can stop this by doing two things.

First you can set it to only update when the game launches, this way you at least notice its trying to update before you launch the game.

Second, you can put the following command to allow you to skip updates:

You need to put this command in every time Steam restarts.
Simply open the console via your browser again and drop it in.

That’s all folks!

Feel free to comment with questions.

So.. there is an alternative but this requires you to use the windows command line.

Steam Depot Downloader [github.com] allows you to do exactly what it says, download the previous Beat Saber Depot.

Download the folder, extract it and open depotdownloader.bat

Then press Start+R (Windows+R), type CMD and press enter.
Then run the following command and put your username and password in the respective fields replacing the <>.

Then continue from step 4 by coping the files (where Beat Saber.exe is located) that are in the depot folder (don’t copy the .DepotDownloader folder) into the Steam Beat Saber folder. So you overwrite the newer version with the version you want.

Note: I do not like this method as much since it requires you to use your credentials and 2FA to get the legal download from the Steam servers. (Acting like Steam) If you’re skeptical I recommend you to analyse the code yourself [github.com] but as you can see it has been maintained by 14 people for over 9 years and seems legit.

I might update the guide in the future.


How to Downgrade Beat Saber to an Old Version Easily

Do you want to downgrade Beat Saber to an older version easily and fast? In this guide, we have step-by-step instructions on how to restore your game to an earlier version.

There are a few reasons why you might need an old version of Beat Saber:

  • The latest version of Beat Saber doesn’t support custom songs yet
  • There is a bug in a newer version that you don’t want to play with

If you have any questions about the process, comment down below and let us know.


In order to downgrade Beat Saber down to an earlier version, the following is required:

  • SideQuest VR to backup your version of Beat Saber
  • A copy of BSLegacy, an application that reverts the game to an earlier version
  • A legal, purchased copy of Beat Saber on your Oculus Quest headset

How to Downgrade Beat Saber to an Earlier Version

This procedure guide shows you how to revert your copy of Beat Saber down to an earlier version.

Download BSLegacy Software

Visit the official BSLegacy website and download the Oculus Quest downgrade utilize forr either Windows or Mac, depending on yourr operating system.

Launch BSLegacy

Launch BSLegacy and leave it open while you complete the rest of this tutorial.

Launch SIdeQuest

Plug your Oculus Quest in to your computer and launch the SideQuest application. Click on the folder icon to Manage Files on your Headset

Open Beat Saber Settings

Find Beat Saber in your list of applications and then click on the gear icon beside it.

Backup Game Data and APK

Click on Backup Game Data and then click on Backup APK File to save your Beat Saber game onto your computer.

Uninstall Beat Saber

Open the Beat Saber settings (gear icon) again and then select Uninstall App to remove Beat Saber off of your headset. When it is done, click on Open Backups.

Check Your Beat Saber Backup

In the backups folder that opens, verify that you have your Beat Saber APK in there with the date modified equal to today.

Rename Your APK

Rename your APK to Beat Saber.apk.

Copy Folder Path

Copy your folder path to save the path where your Beat Saber backup is.

Downgrade Beat Saber

Open up BSLegacy and paste your APK folder path into the Installation path field. The message “Valid version detected! Ready to Patch!” should appear.

If this message doesn’t appear, make sure your apk file is named “Beat Saber.apk” and that it is the latest version of Beat Saber.

When you are ready to downgrade Beat Saber, click on the Start button.

Go Back to SideQuest

Go back to your SideQuest application.

Install Beat Saber APK

Drag your Beat Saber APK from your APK folder into the SideQuest logo in the top left corner. The older version of Beat Saber will install itself on your Oculus Quest.

Now when you launch Beat Saber, it will be the older version! You can verify by looking down at the version number on your feet when you launch the game.

What is BSLegacy?

So what is the BSLegacy Oculus Quest downgrade utility and how does it work? BSLegacy takes your Beat Saber APK and replaces the code with the previous version. It does this in a safe and legal way so that you don’t get in trouble for doing anything piracy-related or illegal.

BSLegacy is important because the newest version of Beat Saber is becoming harder and harder to apply mod support. Version 1.14 still does not support custom mods. If you are one of those people who upgraded by accident, the guide above will help you downgrade Beat Saber to the last version.

And with that, you will be able to play the older version of Beat Saber again. This guide is handy if the newest version does not support Beat Saber custom songs yet. Downgrading to the older version lets you install real songs and mods again.

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